Fastrak Purchase Locations

Fastrak Purchase Locations

Where can I buy a FasTrak tag?

Apply for a FasTrak toll at a Costco, Safeway, or Walgreens location near you. Register it online to activate it. Submit your account request and receive a ready-to-use code in the mail. Or go to FaTrak customer service to pick one up.

Where can I buy a FasTrak transponder?

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  1. Purchase a FasTrak® transponder at participating Costco warehouses for $ 44.99 and receive $ 5.01 in free tolls that will be added to your account when the transponder is activated on
  2. FasTrak transponders are available from participating Orange County Albertsons.

Other than the above, how much does FasTrak cost at Walgreens? The ordinary car tax will be reduced from the current $ 4 on the state's other six toll bridges to $ 5 at any time: the Antioch, Benicia Martinez, Carquinez, Dumbarton, Richmond, San Rafael and San Mateo Hayward bridges.

Similarly, people are wondering, where can I buy a FasTrak in Sacramento?

FasTrak codes are available at Costco, Safeway and Walgreen stores.

How much does it cost to buy a FasTrak?

Transponders cost around $ 40 - but fortunately that amount can be used as a credit for your toll - and must be registered via the ExpressLanes website. Starting June 1, anyone with a transponder will be required to pay a monthly fee of US $ 1, with a discount on the toll available for low-income drivers.

How much does FasTrak cost per month?

FasTrak costs

Where can I buy a transponder?

Answer: Purchase one of the transponders online from an authorized SunPass reseller. There are over 3,100 stores in Florida. These include Publix Super Markets, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Amscot Financial, AAA South, Navarro Pharmacies, and Sedanos Supermarkets.

How can I get a FasTrak Pass?

Earn a FasTrak toll at a participating Costco, Safeway, or Walgreen store near you. Register it online to activate it. Submit your account request and receive a ready-to-use code in the mail. Or go to FaTrak customer service to pick one up.

How do I pay for Fast Track?

Pay by phone using our automated 24-hour system. Send customer service a check for your payment method. Enter your invoice, overdraft or bank account number on the check. Pay to our customer service.

Can I drive FasTrak without a transponder?

How much does FasTrak Flex cost?

To open a cash or checking account, an initial prepaid balance of $ 50 per toll plus $ 20 per toll is required.

Who Owns FasTrak?


What should I do with an old FasTrak transponder?

What should I do with my hard shell transponder? If you have an old standard FasTrak transponder (without a small black switch), you can dispose of it as a lithium battery or other hazardous household waste.

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Is FasTrak cheaper?

FastTrak. With a FasTrak toll, tolls on eight toll roads in the San Francisco Bay Area are paid electronically. Offers a $ 1 discount on the Golden Gate Bridge. Call FasTrak or your paid account needs more money to pay the required amount with FasTrak.

Should I drive FasTrak?

What is the difference between FasTrak and FasTrak Flex?

The FasTrak Flex toll has a three-position switch that indicates whether you are traveling alone or in a car pool. FasTrak CAV tolls are issued only for qualified aircraft and are required for discounted CAV travel in SR237 Express fields.

Where should I put FasTrak in my car?

It screws into the area of ​​the front bumper where the license plate is usually located. Position the license plate so that the mounting holes line up with the top of the license plate on the front bumper of the vehicle.

What is Fast Track in California?

FasTrak is the electronic tolling system (ETC) used in the US state of California. The system is nationwide on all toll roads, toll bridges, and toll roads along the California Freeway and Expressway system.

How do I pay tolls in San Francisco?

  1. Open a FasTrak account.
  2. Make a one-time payment.
  3. Pay a tax bill.
  4. Open a vehicle registration account.
  5. Find a place to pay in cash.
  6. Pay cash.

What is FasTrak flex LA?

How much does the FasTrak account cost?

HOW MUCH? All: $ 40 starting balance of $ 50 in the FasTrak account. Co-driver: you pay no driving tax. Single Leader: You are charged between $ 0.25 and $ 1.40 per mile.

How do I configure FasTrak?

Fastrak Purchase Locations