Fast Track

Fast Track,

What is The Meaning of Fast Track?

  • Fast-paced career path to success and advancement, combined with great desire.

Literal Meanings of Fast Track


Meanings of Fast:
  1. High speed.

  2. So that it is difficult to move safely.

  3. It becomes difficult to wake up.

  4. Move fast or move.

  5. (Clock or clock) indicates one hour before the correct time.

  6. Securely or securely connected.

  7. (Of the film) which requires only a brief screening.

  8. (Color) does not end in light or lava.

  9. Interesting or amazing to take part in or participate in activities (a person or lifestyle).

Sentences of Fast
  1. I'm running very fast

  2. The ship is obtained with the help of anchor chains

  3. They are too sleepy to answer

  4. Fast and powerful car

  5. I hurriedly set my watch for fifteen minutes

  6. Make sharp ropes around each corner

  7. The 35mm color film is ten times faster than Kodakalor II

  8. Color baked in line for sharp color production.

  9. The drunken life she lives in London

  10. When questioned, he found that the man often paid for his sins.

Synonyms of Fast

securely, quick, deny oneself food, debauched, permanent, at speed, self-indulgent, louche, deeply, unrestrained, reckless, abstain from food, immoral, go hungry, at full speed, rakish, eat nothing, fixedly, swift, fastened, indelible, tightly


Meanings of Track:
  1. Follow a path or trail (something else or something), usually to find them or record their location elsewhere.

  2. (The wheel) turns so that the rear wheel is exactly in the path of the wheel.

  3. (Tonable circuit or component) changes the frequency in the same way as any other circuit or component, so the frequency difference between them remains constant.

  4. Assign (students) to degree programs according to their abilities.

  5. A paved road or secondary road that is usually affected by use rather than construction.

  6. A sign or line left by a passing person, animal or vehicle.

  7. A permanent line of trains on the railway tracks.

  8. Recording songs or music.

  9. A permanent band of metal that rotates around the wheels of a heavy vehicle, such as a truck.

  10. Lateral distance between the wheels of the vehicle.

  11. A group that teaches students the same age and ability.

  12. Trailer (boat) along the river.

Sentences of Track
  1. Secondary radar that follows the aircraft in flight

  2. I just sent my bike back because I thought there was a problem.

  3. The system will include more advanced heading sensors as well as more advanced tracking and stabilization circuitry.

  4. Supervise students according to 9 years of work qualification level.

  5. Follow the path to the page

  6. He followed the car tracks in the snow

  7. Passengers have to get off the train to cross the tracks

  8. The CD contains Elvis Presley's first tracks

Synonyms of Track

trail, chase, line, rail, number, trace, traces, song, route, pursue, spoor, hound, course, imprints, footpath, dog, piece, shadow, keep an eye on, pathway, prints, recording, lane, follow, hunt down, hunt, marks