Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion,

What is The Definition of Fast Fashion?

  1. Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing models that are rapidly advancing from runways to stores to meet new trends. Collections are often based on designs presented at Fashion Week events. Fast Fashion allows traditional consumers to buy fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

Literal Meanings of Fast Fashion


Meanings of Fast:
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Sentences of Fast
  1. I'm running too fast

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  4. Fast and powerful car

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Synonyms of Fast

at full tilt, reckless, rapidly, starve oneself, tightly, louche, rapid, self-indulgent, go without food, shameless, briskly, immoderate, speedy, at full speed, fixedly, abstain from food, quick, go hungry, lasting, decadent, eat nothing, profligate, completely, wild, deny oneself food, period of fasting


Meanings of Fashion:
  1. Do this specifically or as needed.

  2. A popular trend, especially in the style of clothing and jewelry or behavior.

  3. A way to do something.

Sentences of Fashion
  1. Green glass bottle

  2. Her hair has been cut according to modern fashion

  3. The work is done very comfortably

Synonyms of Fashion

vogue, create, mania, fabricate, fancy, manufacture, way, style, build, mode, fad, make, contrive, rage, passing fancy, manner, craze, trend, method, construct