Definition of Fascism:

  1. A political ideology that imposes strict social and economic measures to hold governments accountable and deprive citizens of their rights. This dictatorial system of government is usually led by an absolute dictator who oppresses his citizens through violence and strict laws that govern the people. The most famous form of fascism was enacted under Bento Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, depriving citizens of their rights and following strict regimes that resulted in the deaths of thousands. Some of the features of fascism are: (1) racism, (2) militancy, (3) dictatorship and (4) destructive nationalist politics.

Synonyms of Fascism

Domination, Parliamentarianism, Know-nothingism, Red-baiting, Tyranny, Parliamentarism, Color bar, Despotism, Sex discrimination, High hand, Black power, Class prejudice, Racial discrimination, Ultranationalism, Iron hand, Male chauvinist, Color line, Imperialism, Communism, Feudalism, Class distinction, Feudality, Pluralism, Royalism, Constitutionalism, Monarchism, Political principles, Heavy hand, Xenophobia, Terrorism, Federalism, Big stick, Jim Crow, Domineering, Iron heel, Social discrimination, Race prejudice, Discrimination, Centralism, Iron boot, Anti-Semitism, National socialism, Social barrier, Jim Crow law, Apartheid, Racialism, Race hatred, Class war, Thought control, Sexism, Nazism, Chauvinism, Minority prejudice, Democratism, Governmentalism, Collectivism, Class hatred, Statism, Race snobbery, Socialism, Black supremacy, Argumentum baculinum, White power, White supremacy, Superpatriotism, Neofascism, Oppression, Republicanism, Class consciousness, Segregation, Reign of terror, Racism

How to use Fascism in a sentence?

  1. You have to choose whether you want to defend your freedom or live under fascism and let the government take everything you have.
  2. The best example of fascism is World War II, when Hitler deprived the citizens of Germany of their rights and made them dictators.
  3. Factory caretakers are so cruel, controlling and unfair to their workers that their behavior is the same as that of the fascist government in the workplace.

Meaning of Fascism & Fascism Definition