Farm Mutual

Farm Mutual,

What is The Meaning of Farm Mutual?

  • You can define Farm Mutual as, Local insurance companies that insure agricultural assets in a limited geographical area, primarily through taxable policies.

Literal Meanings of Farm Mutual


Meanings of Farm:
  1. Livelihood by raising or raising cattle

  2. Send or outsource work to someone else.

  3. Allowing someone to receive and maintain (tax) income by paying a license fee.

  4. Properties and buildings used in farming and animal husbandry and usually under the control of the owner or manager.

Sentences of Farm
  1. Organic farming has been practiced for five years

  2. Save time and money by outsourcing some writing work to specialized companies.

  3. This task is assigned to collectors with a fixed number.

  4. 100 hectare farm

Synonyms of Farm

subcontract, delegate, farmstead, assign to others, till the land, practise farming, work the land, grange, plantation, do agricultural work, estate, contract out, be a farmer, holding, rear livestock, till the soil, steading, outsource, smallholding, cultivate the land


Meanings of Mutual:
  1. Experience (feelings or actions) performed by either party or one of two or more parties in relation to the other party

  2. Organized together into two or more parts.

Sentences of Mutual
  1. We were introduced through a mutual friend

Synonyms of Mutual

interchangeable, returned, reciprocal, give-and-take, reciprocated, interactive, requited, complementary, correlative