Definition of Fare:

  1. Paying passenger on a boat, bus, plane, train, etc.

  2. Price charged for transporting passengers. This price often changes from season to season, week to week, even day to day. In general, cheaper the fare more restrictions on it such as 21 days advance purchase, minimum or maximum stopovers, or travel only on certain days of a week. See also freight.

Synonyms of Fare

Admission, Admission fee, Advance, Adventurer, Alpinist, Anchorage, Astronaut, Attend, Be so, Be such, Become of, Board, Bread, Bread and butter, Break bread, Brokerage, Campaign, Camper, Carfare, Cellarage, Charge, Charges, Cheer, Climber, Come about, Come along, Come of, Come on, Come out, Come through, Comers and goers, Comestibles, Commute, Commuter, Contrive, Cosmopolite, Cost, Count calories, Course, Cover charge, Cover ground, Creature comfort, Cruise, Cruiser, Cuisine, Daily bread, Demand, Develop, Diet, Do, Dockage, Dues, Eat, Eatables, Edibles, End, Ensue, Entrance fee, Eventuate, Exaction, Exactment, Excursionist, Explorer, Fall out, Fall to, Fare forth, Fast food, Feast, Fee, Feed, Fetch, Flit, Flow, Follow, Food, Food and drink, Foodstuff, Gang, Get along, Get by, Get on, Globe-girdler, Globe-trot, Globe-trotter, Go, Go abroad, Go along, Go on, Go on safari, Go overseas, Goer, Hajji, Health food, Hie, Hire, Hit the trail, Hunger, Ingesta, Issue, Jaunt, Jet set, Jet-setter, Journey, Journeyer, Junk food, Kitchen stuff, License fee, Make, Make a journey, Make a pilgrimage, Make a trip, Make headway, Make out, Manage, Mariner, Meals, Meat, Mountaineer, Move, Move along, Move on, Palmer, Pan out, Partake, Partake of, Pass, Passenger, Passerby, Pathfinder, Peregrinate, Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, Pilotage, Pioneer, Pitch in, Portage, Price, Proceed, Process, Progress, Prove, Prove to be, Provender, Provision, Provisions, Push on, Range the world, Relish, Repair, Result, Roll, Roll on, Rubberneck, Rubbernecker, Run, Sailor, Salvage, Sashay, Savor, Scot, Scot and lot, Shape up, Shot, Sight-see, Sightseer, Spread, Stack up, Stagger, Storage, Straphanger, Stream, Survive, Sustenance, Table, Take, Take a trip, Take the road, Taste, Terminate, Toll, Tour, Tourer, Tourist, Towage, Trailblazer, Trailbreaker, Transient, Travel, Traveler, Traveller, Trek, Trekker, Tripper, Tucker, Turn out, Unfold, Viands, Viator, Victuals, Visiting fireman, Vittles, Voortrekker, Voyage, Voyager, Voyageur, Wayfare, Wayfarer, Wend, Wharfage, Work out, World-traveler

Meaning of Fare & Fare Definition