Far Fetched Meaning

Far Fetched Meaning

What does crazy mean? ۔

There was no point in apologizing for calling the patient from an impossible, unrealistic task.

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Of great importance.

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What does crazy mean?

Otherwise it can be too beautiful, too colorful or too wild to believe.

When I was a kid, I used to ask my dad the same question and he said: Get out of here! . For example, the story in this comic book is far from over! The new science fiction movie is far away! Television software is a bit far!

- adjective

Impossible, naturally irrelevant, just remotely connected, compelling, limited - he sets an impossible example to prove his point.

Far Fetched Meaning

Far Fetched Meaning

1) Brought from a distant time or place.

2) Easy or not naturally obtained or introduced: Impossible.

3) It is not easy to believe because of the impossible elements.

Far Fetched Meaning