Falta De Atenção No Relacionamento

Falta De Atenção No Relacionamento

Lover's lack of attention, should I end? ۔

I've been dating for a while, but a lot of the moon. I didn't eat, everything seemed perfect ... Follow our messages and always call me and send me every day. But it was only for 15 days, after that I only asked him to send me a message when I linked, and so on and so forth. He did not send me if the deposit was not made one day in a row. He would often ask me for a link from time to time, and he did the same thing, I didn't call the next day and the deposit was no longer attached. When people get together, everything goes well, and with that oo is really born, but without any attention when we don't get up ... yesterday I called him and said I told him (the first day) I remember and he said that the Saudis did not realize that the momentum given to him was still not there. It hurt me a lot, but he tells me to stop it, let it be realistic and don't want to lie, let it remember ... Dating likes me 10 times a day (no exaggeration .. .) Don't know if I'm a bad habit? She will love me, and if she is with me because of me, will she? Should I try to talk about it again or leave? I thought maybe it was hard to do! I don't know what to do: /

To update

Logo, I swear I already think they have snow, I've already tried! But it looks like it will last forever. And how much should be done to reduce the frequency, not so many times now ... like 2 or 3 times a week ... can I be alone if I stay without more attention? I have to be childish but strong like me ... I feel so bad! How do I explain that I need attention?

Stop teasing him, don't text him, frost him ... oh if he bothers you or what happened you say: I'm just tired of running back! I know he stopped texting, stopped communicating ... or did I? Equal! I wonder why it's different in response to the fact that I was just trying to do what treated me that day! He did it before, he apologized too ... don't tie it every day and don't send messages, cut more hair about 4 times a week, social faces tie me, send me again !!! More is done !!! But I also just sent a message and a link to it next time! Do it dear !!! And with my boyfriend I do it already sometimes, sometimes it's about 1 month !!! He claims but I say not for jewelry !!! Seriously, don't do that or don't do it directly, for example if he is only targeted with you he will go out, now listen he likes you, he will !!!

Extra help!

Lillian, two or three times a week, I'm pretty much (average price per couple), it's clear she's just with you! Very cool and calculator ... the way you link and send messages, don't do that !!! Ma'am, it can't be known whether a woman or 100 likes to keep someone without a doubt or half loss !!! More than anything, booth to talk, talk about how you feel ... tell everyone what you think and vote you like how you will move and pay attention to them Will !!!

God be with you !!!

Simply put, I sent your heart, no opinion is more important than your non-friends (:

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Falta De Atenção No Relacionamento

Falta De Atenção No Relacionamento

Look, I can only say one thing.

Love  part Some tangled hair should be around to relieve fatigue.

v Fight in vain.

1 year of dating is still © © or the beginning, and always teases such things every day with a message. More than 3 months and the boy is already flat, he wants a lot, and I probably don't love you, yes he thinks your bed is nice and interesting, that's all.

Ok 9 months dating and I'm not always different, but you told me you said I didn't miss you, I don't usually do that, incidentally, I say say bars and that Go to, but it's not your business or next, I'm ADORAAAA I hate or lack women or who use veils as clothes, decorated blouses etc. It shows more than that you are full together and the fairy tales look like pooja and talk to her, talk like you want to give real or love and want what it looks like, but You won't! He feels above that he will not be disappointed, he may fail 1001 things, but he is not against your criminal sentimentality and you will come to pursue, stop or decide. And good luck beiiijins (= t be careful.

Look, not everything comes © © Flower, you have to talk and see what you can give and see how it is done.

Sincerely, were you very accustomed to your ex, or does he just want to: // Put your foot on his chest if you are not satisfied :)

Falta De Atenção No Relacionamento