False Pretenses

False Pretenses,

How Do You Define False Pretenses?

Complaint refers to a violation that was punished by fraud with the acquisition of goods.

Damages caused by these crimes are often excluded from insurance policies. However, the insured may request that this risk be included in his insurance contract.

Literal Meanings of False Pretenses


Meanings of False:
  1. It does not correspond to true or false facts.

  2. It appears that this was done with intent or deception.

  3. This is not really an illusion.

Sentences of False
  1. The accusation is false

  2. Fake passport

  3. Sunscreen gives users a false sense of security

  4. Fake lover

Synonyms of False

wrong, inexact, false-hearted, flawed, dishonourable, delusory, Janus-faced, double-dealing, traitorous, untrustworthy, erroneous, unfaithful, untrue, hypocritical, duplicitous, deceitful, deceptive, faulty, incorrect, inaccurate, double-crossing, two-faced, invalid, dishonest, unfounded, delusive, distorted, deceiving


Meanings of Pretenses:
  1. Try to do something that doesn't feel right.

  2. Claims of certain skills or qualities.

Sentences of Pretenses
  1. His anger was hidden under the pretext that everything was fine

  2. Quickly deny the claim of superiority

Synonyms of Pretenses

feigning, cant, simulation, posturing, purporting, profession, shamming, act, attitudinizing, pose, acting, posture, falsification, posing, putting on an act, imagination, aspiration, sham, claim, make-believe, play-acting, dissembling