What are you doing? ۔

I have a friend from Mexico who says and doesn't want to tell me what that means. Can anyone from this country explain to me what it means and what it is made of?

Fudge is an intimate and powerful encounter: being of all kinds and literally keeping your hands free to handle everything from head to toe.

The word spad belt comes from the word fajr, which means: to wrap, cover or wrap parts of the body with a belt. We Mexicans are passionate about using a two-way shovel, so we asked Faj to have a very private meeting with someone we care about (and of course be) to satisfy our worldly feelings. Be) The severity depends on the person.


Fudge occurs when you are with your partner and he starts saying, being, etc. anywhere without reaching a real relationship.

That's when they put their hands where I'm looking.

Fudge is the release of your ■■■■■■ feelings with kisses, love and other things.

I took everything without penetration, I am from Mexico.