Faithful Performance Coverage

Faithful Performance Coverage,

Definition of Faithful Performance Coverage:

  • Respond to criminal law enforcement damages for failing to perform the duties or requirements set forth by the Company, such as employees or employees. Although this report is sometimes required in the private sector, it is often written for government agencies.

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Meanings of Faithful:
  1. Be faithful and persistent.

  2. According to facts or realities.

  3. Those who are loyal to a particular religion or political party.

Sentences of Faithful
  1. He urged them to adhere to the principles of racism again

  2. The fortifications they build to this day are faithful to the ways of their forefathers

  3. An honorable believer is asked to pray

Synonyms of Faithful

true-hearted, unswerving, without error, precise, exact, dedicated, true-blue, faultless, constant, communicants, staunch, strict, error-free, accurate, close, steadfast, believers, true, loyal, unwavering


Meanings of Performance:
  1. Directing or performing a play, concert, or other form of entertainment.

  2. An action or process to perform or perform an action or process.

Sentences of Performance
  1. Don Giovanni made his first offer in 1787

  2. Performing a single task permanently has to reduce a person to a machine

Synonyms of Performance

dispatch, staging, show, presentation, accomplishment, completion, implementation, achievement, act, entertainment, conducting, conduct, carrying out, discharge, fulfilment, execution, effecting, production, showing


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. To the extent that something speaks to something else or applies to something else.