Fait accompli

Fait accompli,

Definition of Fait accompli:

  1. Create a situation that cannot be changed and the other party must live. Ready for, French

  2. They had no choice but to accept what had happened or what they knew before the decision was made.

Synonyms of Fait accompli

Stroke, Handiwork, Measure, Thing, Go, Not a dream, Fruition, Accomplished fact, Hand, Implementation, Act, Exploit, Realization, Coup, Works, Gest, Factuality, Objective existence, Tour de force, Discharge, Consummation, Accomplishment, Action, Actuality, Step, Dealings, Maneuver, Job, Turn, Operation, Grim reality, Production, Stunt, Deed, Effort, Passage, Historicity, Authenticity, Carrying out, Mission accomplished, Reality, Doing, Performance, Adventure, Doings, Blow, Proceeding, Truth, Attainment, Dispatch, Achievement, Feat, Undertaking, Res gestae, Success, Enterprise, Acta, Execution, Move, Fulfillment, Thing done, Work, Transaction, Effectuation, Overt act, Endeavor

How to use Fait accompli in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes a company tries to take advantage of you, but you have to deal with closed deals.
  2. Wrong deeds were laid at this place and nothing can change it.
  3. The jury was affected by the media coverage, so the guilty verdict is a fact that works.
  4. The results are presented to shareholders as a feat.

Meaning of Fait accompli & Fait accompli Definition