Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust,

What is The Meaning of Fairy Dust?

  • A term widely used in the entertainment industry. Final fix or touch on a project. Stranger who turned something big into something wonderful.

Literal Meanings of Fairy Dust


Meanings of Fairy:
  1. Small imaginary creatures in human form with magical powers, especially women.

  2. A gay man.

  3. They belong to, resemble or are associated with fairies.

Sentences of Fairy
  1. He thought there was a fairy at the end of his garden

  2. Golden fairy

Synonyms of Fairy

elf, pixie, sprite, brownie, imp, puck


Meanings of Dust:
  1. An excellent, dry powder that contains small particles of dust or dirt that are on the ground, on the surface, or carried by the air.

  2. Dust cleaning work.

  3. Clean or brush it to remove dust (something) from the surface.

  4. Cover lightly with starch.

  5. Hit or kill someone.

Sentences of Dust
  1. The car sends a cloud of dust

  2. Dust quickly to remove cobwebs

  3. I broke a vase I had cleaned

  4. Spread on a flat surface

Synonyms of Dust

clean, fine particles, sprinkle, strew, dredge, sift, spray, brush, fine powder, cover, wipe, scatter, powder, spread, mop, sweep, dust, buff