Fair Rental Value (FRV) Coverage

Fair Rental Value (FRV) Coverage,

What Does Fair Rental Value (FRV) Coverage Mean?

Fair Rental Value (FRV) Coverage refers to As part of the Additional Cost of Housing (ALE) under the Housing Agreement and as Cover D under the Housing Agreement. If the policyholder leases the house (or part of the house) to a tenant and the house (or part of the house) becomes uninhabitable due to loss due to insured risk, LIF coverage will be lost to the insured. Will pay the rent. Any expenses that do not continue while the house (or part of the house) is unoccupied (such as electricity) are properly rented. Payment is made for the repair of the house or the space (or part of the house) that is rented or replaced by someone else.

Literal Meanings of Fair Rental Value (FRV) Coverage


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