FAIR Plan,

What Does FAIR Plan Mean?

  • FAIR Plan means: An FIR package is equivalent to fair access to insurance terms. This is an essential program designed to help people who are unable to insure their property due to high risk, for example, people who have flood plains, hurricane streets and hurricanes. Affected people living in coastal areas may be eligible for coverage under the FAIR plan.

  • (Fair access to insurance terms). A federally funded reinsurance plan designed to increase the availability of property insurance in troubled areas. Property insurance (excluding automotive, agricultural or manufacturing hazards) for home and business owners is available in eligible urban areas where this protection is not available through regular channels.

  • The government's cooperative insurance program that offers a variety of home insurance for people who have difficulty getting this protection.

  • A facility run under a government or insurance industry cooperation program that works to provide people or locations with fire insurance and other types of property insurance that have difficulty obtaining such protection.

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