Definition of Fail:

  1. The definition of Fail is: The error usually occurs when the seller fails to provide securities or when the buyer fails to pay on the day of settlement. Through an exchange, it occurs when a broker fails to supply or receive any securities within a period of time after selling or buying the securities. When the seller is unable to provide the purchased security, it is called short-term default. When the buyer is unable to pay the security, it is called long term default.

    • Error occurs when the buyer does not receive the money or the seller does not provide the asset on the day of settlement.
    • Depending on the market, settlement should take from D + 1 to D + 3 days.
    • The most common reasons for a failed transaction are bankruptcy, lack of asset ownership or conflicting, delayed or lost information.

Meanings of Fail

  1. Don't reach your goals.

  2. Ignore something.

  3. The bug is not working properly anymore.

  4. The score is not high enough to pass.

Sentences of Fail

  1. Failed to contest election

  2. The company does not issue appropriate risk notices

  3. A truck with broken brakes

  4. It is feared that their children will fail automatically because the number of school days is less than the minimum required by the education authorities.

Synonyms of Fail

cut out, stop working, crash, cease to function, break, stall, give out, stop, break down

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What is Fail?

  1. In normal commercial transactions, default occurs when the seller fails to provide securities or the buyer fails to pay the balance due on the settlement date. This is done through a stock exchange if the securities firm does not provide or receive the securities within a specified period after the sale or purchase of the securities. When the seller fails to provide the contracted title, it is called SRT error. If the buyer cannot pay the bond, it is called an extended default.

    • Errors occur when a buyer does not place an order or a seller does not place an order before the billing date.
    • Depending on the market, it is assumed that the settlement takes place in D + 1 to D + 3 days.
    • The most common causes of failed transactions are bankruptcy, lack of delivery time, or incorrect, late, or lost information.

Meanings of Fail

  1. Doesn't reach its goal

  2. Couldn't do anything.

  3. Stops working properly

  4. Scores that are not high enough to pass a test or exam.

  5. Bugs, malfunctions, or poor performance.

Sentences of Fail

  1. Failed to win the election

  2. The company did not issue a proper risk warning.

  3. A truck whose brakes fail.

  4. Failure record

  5. Your customer service is a big mistake.

Synonyms of Fail

be defective, go phut, be on the blink, pack up, go on the blink, go kaput, be faulty, develop a fault, conk out, act up, play up, go wrong, give up the ghost, malfunction


Fail means,

Fail refers to Non-delivery (FTD) refers to a situation in which one of the parties to a trade agreement (whether stocks, shares, options or futures) fails to meet its obligations. This problem occurs when the buyer (long term) does not have enough money to liquidate the business and pay for it.

  • Non-delivery (FTD) refers to non-fulfillment of commercial obligations.
  • For the buyer, that means the money is not there. For the seller, that means the goods are not there.
  • This liability is calculated during the completion of the transaction.
  • Derivatives or SRT sales may result in non-delivery.

Meanings of Fail

  1. Does not reach its goal.

  2. Scores that are not high enough to pass an exam or test.

  3. Bugs, bugs, or poor performance.

Sentences of Fail

  1. He failed in his attempt to win the election.

  2. The company did not issue a proper threat warning.