Definition of Fad:

  1. The desired trend is evident in a short period of time with great enthusiasm and energy. Fashion is often seen with everyday items, especially in the holiday season. Products in this category include Benny Babies in the 1990s and gaming systems in the 2000s. They can also be seen in other areas, such as investing. For example, in the 1980s, leveraged acquisitions (LBOs) were widely used for companies looking to win competitions, suppliers and other affiliates. However, in the late 1990's, LBOs became less popular.

  2. A strong passion for something, especially not based on the characteristics of some fast and crazy things.

Synonyms of Fad

Momentary success, Faddism, Fantasy, Smash hit, Wow, Wrinkle, Novelty, Boutade, Craze, Whim-wham, Great success, Rage, Meteoric success, Triumph, Killing, Resounding triumph, Brilliant success, Roaring success, Freakish inspiration, Faddishness, Fool notion, Maggot, Crank, Infatuation, Capriccio, Compulsion, Fashion, Toy, Mode, Style, Quirk, Freak, Fantastic notion, Faddist, Passion, Vagary, Crotchet, Riot, Fancy, Whim, Sensation, Best seller, Novelty, ■■■■■■, Mania, Smash, Rage, Mode, Conceit, Humor, Whimsy, Fascination, Weakness, Crazy idea, Chic, Flimflam, Hit, Brainstorm, Craze, Furore, Gasser, Fancy, Taste, Enthusiasm, Megrim, ■■■■, Gas, Harebrained idea, Notion, Faddiness, Love, Preoccupation, Vogue, Cry, Big hit, Trend, Caprice, Whim, Obsession, Passing fancy, Fixation, Vogue

How to use Fad in a sentence?

  1. Hats were a fashion and economic bubble in the 1990's because people were obsessed with these plush toys before they became unusable.
  2. Sometimes new trends emerge and, if the business starts early, can make a lot of money.
  3. In the Midwest, grassland restoration is the newest passion for gardening.

Meaning of Fad & Fad Definition