Facultative Automatic

Facultative Automatic,

Facultative Automatic Meanings:

  1. Facultative Automatic means, A type of property and rehabilitation that is an optional and conventional combination. The list of specified risks is sent to the insurance company, which has a limited right to deny the individual risks.

Literal Meanings of Facultative Automatic


Meanings of Facultative:
  1. This does not happen naturally, but in response to circumstances.

Sentences of Facultative
  1. The difference between collective skin color and component pigmentation is a function of total sun exposure


Meanings of Automatic:
  1. A firearm that fires until the ammunition runs out or the trigger is released.

  2. Vehicles with automatic transmission

  3. A mode of operation in which certain functions of the device are performed automatically instead of manually.

  4. Another term for sound

  5. (Of a device or process) that operates solely and exclusively without human control.

  6. Consciously born or born without thought or intention.

Sentences of Automatic
  1. Automatic fast fire

  2. Mercedes 300SL five-speed automatic

  3. Automatic kettle that shuts off during cooking

  4. Automatic bodily functions such as breathing

Synonyms of Automatic

unconscious, reflex, robotic, computerized, instinctual, push-button, electronic, mechanical, reflexive, knee-jerk, preprogrammed, involuntary, instinctive, subconscious, unmanned, mechanized, automated, unconditioned