Faculdade De Astronomia

Faculdade De Astronomia

What should the Faculty of Astronomy do? ۔

The people around me are 11 years old, yes I stopped thinking about college, but I am very interested and I saw that it is not difficult to do business as an Astro Anomo, and I am also a swamp in Cretaceous, And I don't have an astronomy college here and I'm rich enough to get a job or travel abroad, how do I do that?

What am I going to do that I want?

Hello, I'm 13 and I'm an astronomer. Yes, as an airplane, I am in Rio Grande do USL, but Estronea College is in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. First I'm going to study physics here, not RS, then astronomy, astrophysics and maybe some other teachers. You may want to go to the US or Europe ... or when you have a small offer.

esp help !!

Salary does not vary between 5,000 and 11,000. Out of the tub © © too much ...

There is no RS or astronomical course in UFRGS, I tried but not PE. Nor is it an element of RJ astronomy in the Federal.

I loved watching it when I was 11 years old and already loved astronomy. Congratulations


Many universities offer this course ... I was not wrong about the UFRJ requirements.

Include a physics subject or course with a phase in astronomy. Na also has UFRGS (or father), and USP.

Or learn more about studying physics

Good kind

It is also explained in Cretaceous.

NASA Appointment Requirements

Become a city in the United States.

Physical examination, they strictly command. Adjusted blood pressure should not be between 140 and 90.

Commander and pilot

Bachelor of Engineering, Oligology Science, Physics or Mathematics required. Although not required, degree or unconditional.

Ball minus 1000 flies stick to the skin like Pilot Commander Jato. Required © Pilot experience.

Candidate's height should be 1.63 meters to 1.93 meters.

Mission Specialist

Bachelor's degree in engineering, natural sciences, tendon physics or mathematics required, bald, three years of professional experience.

The height of the candidate should be 1.57 meters to 1.93 meters.

Sao Paulo by USP and Rio de Janeiro by UFRJ.

Faculdade De Astronomia