Factory Price

Factory Price,

What is Factory Price?

  • Factory Price can be defined as, Direct product price, without freight costs etc. Often, retailers or advertisers display factory prices to indicate that the product is being sold at a very low price.

Literal Meanings of Factory Price


Meanings of Factory:
  1. The building or group of buildings where machines are primarily manufactured or assembled.

  2. A person, group or organization that constantly produces large quantities of something.

  3. A forum for entrepreneurs developing their activities abroad.

Sentences of Factory
  1. Workers

  2. Employers should use appropriate controls to protect workers from damage to factories, construction sites and farms.

  3. You can walk to shops, factories and other buildings about three-quarters of a mile away.

  4. Ford recently announced the closure of four plants in the United States and a truck assembly plant in Canada.

  5. A fire department spokesman said the fire was caused by an engine in the factory.

  6. Everything was going well, except that no one said we were allowed to use the building as a factory.

  7. Under the new plans, sweets will continue to be made at the Clichton factory.

  8. Like a bridge, Park Poplar Apartments were built in a factory and assembled on site.

  9. For the future, parts must be delivered to the York plant.

  10. More and more people need more land to build buildings, factories, farms and roads.

  11. Numerous factories and manufacturers are creating jobs, especially near Cornwall Park.

Synonyms of Factory

yard, business unit, manufacturing facility, plant, mill, manufacturing complex, industrial unit


Meanings of Price:
  1. An amount of money that is expected, demanded, or paid.

  2. Chance to win

  3. Values

  4. Negative experiences, events or actions to achieve the desired goal as clearly as the conditions.

  5. Determine the amount of payment required (something to be sold).

  6. Find a price.

  7. It is used to ask what happened to something or to show that something is useless.

  8. It is unable to compete commercially.

  9. This can lead to significant costs or uncertain results.

  10. So precious that you can't get a price.

  11. Reward for someone's arrest or death.

  12. This includes regardless of expenses, losses or difficulties.

Sentences of Price
  1. Different tools with different prices

  2. Ellis said that with little prospect of a growth rate, house prices are expected to continue to rise.

  3. The bank's share price also rose 3.6 percent to 1,223 pence.

  4. "The price of a three-bedroom house is definitely falling," he said.

  5. Housing prices are a major factor in the UK economy, with most families owning their own homes.

  6. Rising fuel prices reduce the total income of farmers in particular.

  7. Economically, wages and prices fell, but the basic value of debt remained unchanged.

Synonyms of Price

price, put a price on, cost, figure, result, toll, appraise, sum, forfeiture, total, fee, payment, rate, levy, sacrifice, financial value, penalty, evaluate, amount, terms, charge, forfeit, monetary value, assay, fare, assess, estimate, set the price of