Factory Overhead Costs

Factory Overhead Costs,

What Does Factory Overhead Costs Mean?

  1. Factory Overhead Costs can be defined as, Various production costs that are not practically or practically attributed to any final product.

Literal Meanings of Factory Overhead Costs


Meanings of Factory:
  1. A group of buildings or structures in which machines are primarily manufactured or assembled.

  2. An individual, group, or organization that produces a large amount of something permanently in a particular way.

  3. Branch for businessmen working abroad.

Sentences of Factory
  1. Workers

  2. Employers must implement appropriate controls to protect workers in factories, construction sites and fields from harm.

  3. You can walk at your own pace, about three-quarters of a mile from shops, factories, and other buildings.

  4. Ford recently announced the closure of four plants in the United States and one truck assembly plant in Canada.

  5. A fire department spokesman said the fire broke out in the factory's engine.

  6. Everything went well, except that no one said we were allowed to use the building as a factory.

  7. Under the new plan, sweets will continue to be made at the Clichton factory.

  8. Like the bridge, Poplar Gardens apartments are built and stored on site.

  9. From there, the parts will be shipped back to the factory in York for the next assembly.

  10. More and more people need more land for buildings, factories, fields and roads.

Synonyms of Factory

mill, plant, yard, business unit, manufacturing complex, manufacturing facility, industrial unit


Meanings of Overhead:
  1. The height of the head in the sky

  2. Located above the height of the head.

  3. (Mechanism of motion) on top of the object being moved.

  4. (Expenses or Expenses) The general maintenance of a plant, facility or business or the expenses incurred in its operation and may not be allocated for any particular product or item.

  5. General expenses or expenses.

  6. Transparency designed for use with overhead projectors.

  7. An upper basket.

Sentences of Overhead
  1. Helicopters roared at us and today a gray plane was flying over the city.

  2. You can hear the helicopter above.

  3. Even today, a helicopter flies from time to time, and sleeping UN troops wave their vehicles from the remaining few checkpoints.

  4. Today, the man who won the British Royal Medal of Courage will be turned into a hero by his ex-soldiers who intend to fly his helicopter during his burial.

  5. In front of the EO Clear Market, a colorful crowd formed as police helicopters flew overhead.

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  7. But he went and immediately. He saw a helicopter in the sky, black as opposed to dark blue.

Synonyms of Overhead

in flight, budget items, aloft, suspended, above one's head, projecting, raised, expenses, elevated, costs, over one's head, in the sky, overhanging, operating costs, fixed costs, high up, up above, on high, up in the sky

Factory Overhead Costs,

Factory Overhead Costs Definition:

Factory Overhead Costs means, Various costs associated with the operation that are not practically or practically attributed to the final product.

Literal Meanings of Factory Overhead Costs


Meanings of Factory:
  1. A building or group of buildings in which products are primarily manufactured or assembled by machines.

Sentences of Factory
  1. Garment factory

  2. He is the pastor of a British factory in St. Petersburg.

Synonyms of Factory

shop, works, shop floor, manufactory, workshop, manufacturing complex/facility


Meanings of Overhead:
  1. Above the height of the head in the sky

  2. Located above the level of the head.

  3. (Method of movement) The object being moved.

  4. (Of costs or expenses) are spent on the maintenance or operation of a plant, facility or business and cannot be allocated to individual products or commodities.

  5. Transparency for use with overhead projectors

  6. Upper cabinets, especially on airplanes.

Sentences of Overhead
  1. A helicopter is flying.

  2. The sun has just risen.

  3. Four cylinder camshaft engine.

  4. Government departments are often reluctant to pay all indirect costs.

  5. Indirect expenses, such as lighting, equipment and all minor additions, are paid through the central fund.

  6. Software for creating slides, graphics and sheets.

  7. Passengers wake up on the roof to play with their luggage.

Synonyms of Overhead

(up) in the sky, above/over one's head, running costs, aerial, oncosts


Meanings of Costs:
  1. Payment (amount of money) is required before receiving or performing (an item or action).

  2. Appreciate the price.

  3. The amount that is paid or spent to buy or receive something.

Sentences of Costs
  1. We can cover the cost of the event.

Synonyms of Costs

amount to, be, hire charge, valuation, put a figure on, be priced at, put a value on, sell for, evaluate, levy, worth, price, face value, go for, fare, rental, knock someone back, come to, market price, damage, charge, toll, estimate the price of, set someone back, tariff, be valued at, fee