Factory Mutual

Factory Mutual,

What Does Factory Mutual Mean?

  1. Factory Mutual definition is: A mutual insurer who wants to insure only assets that meet high handwriting standards, with an emphasis on loss prevention.

Literal Meanings of Factory Mutual


Meanings of Factory:
  1. A building or group of buildings in which products are primarily manufactured or assembled by machines.

  2. A person, group or organization that constantly produces large quantities of something.

  3. A forum for entrepreneurs developing their activities abroad.

Sentences of Factory
  1. Workers

  2. Employers must use appropriate controls to protect workers in factories, construction sites and fields from hazards.

  3. You can walk to shops, factories and other buildings about three-quarters of a mile away.

  4. Ford recently announced the closure of four plants in the United States and a truck assembly plant in Canada.

  5. A fire department spokesman said the fire was caused by an engine in the factory.

  6. Everything was going well, except that no one said we were allowed to use the building as a factory.

  7. Under the new plan, sweets will continue to be made at the Clichton factory.

Synonyms of Factory

manufacturing facility, business unit, manufacturing complex, mill, industrial unit, yard, plant


Meanings of Mutual:
  1. (Feelings or actions) that each or both parties experience or do in relation to each other.

  2. (Two or more people) who have a permanent relationship with each other.

  3. Organized with two or more parts.

  4. An insurance company or other business organization that is owned by its members and that shares some or all of its profits with them.

Sentences of Mutual
  1. My father hated it from the beginning and the feelings were mutual

  2. "We met in Detroit and we complimented and respected each other and then looked at each other," Benson said.

  3. But that doesn't affect the love and respect she and her children have for each other.

  4. Ever since he took out his recharged cell phone and started dialing, Dara has felt the same way.

  5. They're just Joey and Mark, two people with a sense of mutual respect and, although they don't like to be recognized, they love it.

  6. The fans love it and the emotions are mutually beneficial.

  7. Gradually, everyone deserves each other's respect, and that respect increases mutual respect, trust, and, inevitably, family love.

  8. What is explained in the family is not that gender diversity is right in the home, but love and mutual respect.

  9. At the time of our separation, I believe there is a sense of mutual love and respect that did not exist before.

  10. As a director, he carefully chooses the people he will work with and find an environment of mutual respect and loyalty.

  11. Spending time together and their love and respect for each other made the three children look like brothers.

Synonyms of Mutual

interactive, give-and-take, complementary, returned, reciprocated, interchangeable, requited, correlative