Factory Firms

Factory Firms,

Factory Firms Definition:

Factory Firms can be defined as, A term used to describe a large law firm that is based on excessive hoarding, with a particular focus on legal teams that handle cases almost. Is serial.

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Meanings of Factory:
  1. A group of buildings or structures where machines are primarily manufactured or assembled.

  2. An individual, group, or organization that produces a large amount of something permanently in a particular way.

  3. Branch for businessmen working abroad.

Sentences of Factory
  1. Workers

  2. Want to impose appropriate controls on employers to protect workers in factories, construction sites and fields from harm.

  3. You can walk at your own pace, about three-quarters of a mile from shops, factories and other buildings.

  4. Ford recently announced the closure of four plants in the United States and one truck assembly plant in Canada.

  5. A fire department spokesman said the fire broke out in the factory's engine.

  6. Everything went well, except that no one said we were allowed to use the building as a factory.

  7. Under the new plan, sweets will continue to be made at the Clichton factory.

Synonyms of Factory

manufacturing complex, business unit, manufacturing facility, mill, plant, industrial unit, yard