Fact finding

Fact finding,

Definition of Fact finding:

  1. Discovery stage in an inquiry or investigation where information is procured (using tools such as questionnaires), verified, and assembled in a report, with or without the recommendations of the investigator.

  2. (especially of a committee or its activity) having the purpose of discovering and establishing the facts of an issue.

  3. The discovery and establishment of the facts of an issue.

Synonyms of Fact finding

Examination, Inquiry, Study, Inspection, Exploration, Consideration, Analysis, Appraisal

How to use Fact finding in a sentence?

  1. A fact-finding mission.
  2. The adversial court system has a fact finding mission, so all parties are required to present all information to the other parties before presenting it to the judge.
  3. While this is not a blank cheque, it authorises them to re-evaluate the consequences of the adjudicators primary fact-findings, and that is what they did here in relation to the deportation decision.
  4. You should go on a fact finding mission when you think that there is a way to really improve your overall profits.
  5. Before punishing the employee for breaking the rules, management first had to hold fact finding meetings to ensure the allegations were true.

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