Facility Emergency Coordinator

Facility Emergency Coordinator,

What is The Definition of Facility Emergency Coordinator?

  1. Facility Emergency Coordinator definition is: Representatives of environmental legislation facilities (e.g., chemical plants) who participate in the emergency notification process with the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

Literal Meanings of Facility Emergency Coordinator


Meanings of Facility:
  1. A location, equipment or device designed for a specific purpose.

  2. Natural skills, ability to do or learn well and easily.

Sentences of Facility
  1. Kitchen utensils

  2. Speak fluently

Synonyms of Facility

bent, equipment, flair, solution, knack, potential, provision, genius, talent, means, finesse, space, skill, aptitude, prerequisite, gift


Meanings of Emergency:
  1. Serious, unexpected and often dangerous situations that require immediate action.

Sentences of Emergency
  1. Your immediate emergency response can be life-saving

Synonyms of Emergency

urgent situation, extremity, exigency, crisis


Meanings of Coordinator:
  1. Someone whose job it is to organize events or activities and communicate with others is to make sure they work together effectively.

  2. A word is used to associate a clause, sentence or word with the same artificial meaning (for example and / or to).

Sentences of Coordinator
  1. A full-time coordinator has been appointed to oversee the referral process

  2. Subordinate clauses may be attached to the coordinator