Facebook Message Delivered But Not Seen

Facebook Message Delivered But Not Seen

Facebook message sent but not visible. others? 3

My boyfriend usually submits my posts when he is active, but appears when he is inactive. He has since returned online several times, but says he has never been seen. Don't ignore me or anything but what could be wrong with FB Messenger?

Most of the time, it's just that someone didn't read or edit the message, so they received an email for the message and read it. They don't when they send FB emails. Give your friend time to respond. If he does not respond within a reasonable time, such as at least one day, send another message regarding what you have received.

No, if it is sent and you refresh the page and you are not asked to send the message and the message still exists, then it should have been sent and you are probably not online, your report is correct Are not working properly, or you do not have. Open the dashboard and click on the mark as red so that it does not reappear. If you've been chatting and posting recently, chances are you've already seen your post but haven't opened it yet, suppose you didn't bring it up.

There is no problem with Messenger, or you are deliberately ignoring messages, or you have too many messages and you do not realize that they exist.

Why don't you text again and ask?

No, do the same with me. You may not have clicked on the message.

I don't think there is anything between him and me, he must have deliberately ignored me.

Facebook Message Delivered But Not Seen