What is The Definition of FACE SHEET?

Meaning of FACE SHEET: A copy of the daily information (viewing) as well as information about the damage case and the history of the damage.

Literal Meanings of FACE SHEET


Meanings of FACE:
  1. Position with face or front face (someone or something)

  2. Face and accept a difficult or unpleasant task, event, or situation.

  3. Covering a surface (something) with a layer of another material.

  4. In front of a person's head, from the forehead to the chin or the size of an animal.

  5. The surface of an object, especially one that presents itself to the eye or has a special function.

Sentences of FACE
  1. Honesty forces you to face reality

Synonyms of FACE

coat, give on to, laminate, overlook, accommodate oneself to, acclimatize oneself to, veneer, afford a view of, inlay, be facing, look across, look on to, pave, open out over, front on to, surface, command a view of, reach an acceptance of, come to accept, reconcile oneself to, become reconciled to, plate, line, look towards, reach an acceptance, cover, skin, be opposite to, get used to, adjust to


Meanings of SHEET:
  1. Cover or wrap in aluminum foil or aluminum foil.

  2. (From rain) fell in large numbers.

  3. A rectangular piece of cotton or other fabric is used in the bed to cover the mattress and is used as a comfortable bottom layer when used.

  4. A rectangular sheet of paper, typically a commercially produced standard size, used for writing and printing.

  5. A large, flat piece of material, such as metal or glass.

  6. The surface of something large and intact.

  7. Make the maximum length.

  8. A strap attached to the bottom corner of the screen to secure or extend or change its direction.

  9. There is space in the bow or side of the ship.

Sentences of SHEET
  1. We cover the narrow and narrow bed

  2. it is raining

  3. With the help of children, blankets and blankets are made for sleeping, bedding and bedding.

  4. Blank sheet of paper

  5. The small tube was made of a flat sheet of brass

  6. Layer of ice

  7. Also, pay attention to how it manages the screen.

  8. Soon the three of us learned to bend, pull corners (rope on screen) and pull and drive.

Synonyms of SHEET

leaf, bedclothes, piece, pane, piece of paper, layer, bed linen, plate, page, stratum, linen, folio, panel