Definition of Fabrication:

  1. A manufacturing process in which an item is made (manufactured) from raw or semi-finished products rather than assembled from finished synthetic components or parts.

Synonyms of Fabrication

Preparation, Prevarication, Processing, Formation, Physique, Shape, Invention, Extravaganza, Format, Beginning, Product, Work, Fiction, Plan, Tale, Fake, Production, Elaboration, Falsification, Assemblage, Putting together, Organic structure, Conversion, Harvesting, Casting, Tissue, Construction, Conception, Prefabrication, Cultivation, Devising, Web, Pattern, Romance, Mining, Fashioning, Syneresis, Milling, Falsehood, Origination, Compound, Build, Architecture, Craftsmanship, Smelting, Structuring, Shaping, Canard, Patterning, Constitution, Organization, Setup, Opus, Raising, Organism, Mintage, Formulation, Forging, Story, Buildup, Molding, Fable, Manufacturing, Deceit, Growing, Composition, Fabric, Framing, Sham, Making, Form, Design, Workmanship, Authorship, Texture, Frame, Cock-and-bull story, Building, Manufacture, Arrangement, Mold, Assembly, Concoction, Yarn, Contriving, Warp and woof, Architectonics, Hatching, Forgery, Piecing together, Combination, Fairy tale, Figment, Mixture, Producing, Generation, Make, Forming, Creation, Synthesis, Fib, Extraction, Handicraft, Tectonics, Untruth, Coinage, Contrivance, Erection, Refining, Lie, Crafting, Junction, Conformation, Machining, Creative effort, Getup, Making do, Embodiment, Makeup, Anatomy, Myth, Incorporation, Handiwork, Improvisation, Structure, Artifact, Weave, Fashion

How to use Fabrication in a sentence?

  1. Housing has become very popular in the 21st century because it is an easy way to build houses, and the housing sector is growing in the United States.
  2. My friend Ben is creative and always adept at making his stories bigger than ever.
  3. Owners like the fact that the manufacturing process saves money, but they ignore the disadvantages and do not admit that the quality has deteriorated.

Meaning of Fabrication & Fabrication Definition