Eyelashes Growing Sideways

Eyelashes Growing Sideways

Does anyone have this Muharram problem? 3

I applied mascara this morning and in one eye some of my upper eyelids moved to the sides and then a few more. When I apply mascara, the lashes that protrude from the sides overlap the real lashes.

How can I solve this problem? My eyelids look dirty! Should I give water to those that move inwards and point to the side?

Thank you very much!

You know what i did ??? When applying mascara, I use my fingers to curl my lashes. When I use eyelash curlers, my eyelashes don't look the way I want them to. Some of them straight, some towards. I use my finger to move the lashes to one side (well, you will look like a fairy tale princess) and for the middle one I curl them in the middle. When applying mascara, lift your eyelids with your index finger and press them with your eyelids. You will automatically get the desired shape. trust me

Eyelids that grow to one side.

Oh, I hate mascara for so many reasons.

Try an eyelash curler or eyebrow brush.

There are also different types of mascara ... maybe try a curler or thickener, sometimes they help control crazy lashes with a brush or eyelash curler.

Well, I do, and I always get compliments. I also use waterproof because it makes the loop longer and more perfect! one million. Bright eyelash curler. 2. Make sure you have solid mascara (throw away for 3 months) 3. Make sure you remove last night's eye makeup. 4. Place an eyelash curler in each shape and mark your lashes and lift all the lashes, then squeeze the unusual eyelash curler for about 510 seconds. 5. Next, curl your multiple lashes. 6. Prepare mascara for both eyes. 7. I applied my lashes several times to dry. 8. Then roll again and make another layer. It also helps! Stabilize me :)

Sometimes I understand

Don't throw them

Try an eyelash curler and remove the eyelids with mascara.

Use eyelash curler and comb and apply mascara.

Eyelashes Growing Sideways

Eyelashes Growing Sideways

This is usually done by an eyelash curler.

But don't use them, otherwise they will look weird.

I know how you feel ... I had the same problem ... I bought a brush and it will do exactly what you want when you use the mascara brush.

Try an eyelash curler.

Eyelashes Growing Sideways