Definition of Extroversion:

  1. The quality of being outgoing and socially confident.

  2. Personal quality of being comfortable with social relationships. Also spelled as extraversion..

Synonyms of Extroversion

Accessibility, Ambiversion, Approachability, Candor, Communicativeness, Complexion, Conversableness, Cycloid personality, Cyclothymia, Ectomorphism, Ectomorphy, Endomorphism, Endomorphy, Extrovertedness, Frankness, Freeness, Humor, Ingoingness, Introversion, Introvertedness, Mesomorphism, Mesomorphy, Openness, Other-directedness, Outgoingness, Outspokenness, Personality tendency, Plainness, Plainspokenness, Schizoid personality, Schizothymia, Sociability, Somatotype, Syntony, Talkativeness, Unconstraint, Unrepression, Unreserve, Unreservedness, Unrestraint, Unrestriction, Unreticence, Unsecretiveness, Unsuppression, Untaciturnity

How to use Extroversion in a sentence?

  1. Shes sprightly and adorable, with a wistful quality underlying her extroversion.

Meaning of Extroversion & Extroversion Definition