Definition of Extrapolation:

  1. Statistical technique of inferring unknown from the known. It attempts to predict future data by relying on historical data, such as estimating the size of a population a few years from now on the basis of current population size and its rate of growth. Extrapolation may be valid where the present circumstances do not indicate any interruption in the long-established past trends. However, a straight line extrapolation (where a short-term trend is believed to continue far in into future) is fraught with risk because some unforeseeable factors almost always intervene. See also interpolation.

  2. The action of estimating or concluding something by assuming that existing trends will continue or a current method will remain applicable.

Synonyms of Extrapolation

Accession, Accessory, Accompaniment, Actualization, Addenda, Addendum, Additament, Addition, Additive, Additory, Additum, Adjunct, Adjuvant, Annex, Annexation, Appanage, Appendage, Appendant, Approximation, Appurtenance, Appurtenant, Attachment, Augment, Augmentation, Coda, Complement, Concomitant, Continuation, Corollary, Differentiation, Division, Equation, Evolution, Extension, Exteriorization, Externalization, Fixture, Increase, Increment, Integration, Interpolation, Inversion, Involution, Multiplication, Notation, Objectification, Offshoot, Pendant, Practice, Projection, Proportion, Reduction, Reinforcement, Side effect, Side issue, Subtraction, Supplement, Tailpiece, Transformation, Undergirding

How to use Extrapolation in a sentence?

  1. Sizes were estimated by extrapolation.
  2. Trying to figure out the potential profits of a certain venture can involve a lot of numbers and extrapolation of the data.
  3. When trying to break down every possible outcome using a mathematical approach extrapolation of the data can really help get the right answer.
  4. Ben enjoyed discussing future technologies because it always led to some interesting, if far-fetched, extrapolation about the world of tomorrow and what amazing tech might exist.

Meaning of Extrapolation & Extrapolation Definition