Extraordinary Items

Extraordinary Items,

What is The Definition of Extraordinary Items?

  1. The definition of Extraordinary Items is: Events and transactions are distinguished by their strangeness and boldness. Extraordinary items, low income tax, are presented separately in the company's income statement.

Literal Meanings of Extraordinary Items


Meanings of Extraordinary:
  1. Items on a company's books that are not the result of its normal business activities.

  2. Very unusual or unusual.

Sentences of Extraordinary
  1. The Army's extraordinary total of 31 5,315,917 was collected in the House of Commons on February 6, 1767, with only 1,111,287 coming from North America.

  2. Amazing male wings

Synonyms of Extraordinary

marvellous, phenomenal, remarkable, unbelievable, astounding, incredible, spectacular, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, wonderful, prodigious, sensational, miraculous, stunning


Meanings of Items:
  1. Used to insert each item in the list.

  2. Individual or unit items, especially items that are part of a list, collection, or group.

Sentences of Items
  1. Agenda items

Synonyms of Items

artefact, product, unit, bit, commodity, module, object, piece, article, thing