Definition of Extortion:

  1. While the threat of violence or property damage is commonplace in extortion, it can also involve reputational harm or unfavorable government action.

  2. Offense of illegally obtaining money or other benefit or compelling some action through coercion or menace, specially by a public officer acting in his or her official capacity.

  3. The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

  4. Extortion is the wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or intimidation to gain money or property from an individual or entity. Extortion generally involves a threat being made to the victim’s person or property, or to their family or friends.

Synonyms of Extortion

Armed robbery, Asportation, Assault and robbery, Badger game, Banditry, Bank robbery, Blackmail, Bloodsucking, Call, Call for, Cattle lifting, Cattle stealing, Claim, Contribution, Demand, Demand for, Draft, Drain, Duty, Exaction, Exploitation, Extortionate demand, Heavy demand, Heist, Highway robbery, Hijacking, Holdup, Imposition, Impost, Indent, Insistent demand, Levy, Loan-sharking, Mugging, Nonnegotiable demand, Notice, Order, Overassessment, Overcharge, Pocket picking, Protection racket, Purse snatching, Rending, Requirement, Requisition, Ripping, Robbery, Robbing, Rush, Rush order, Shakedown, Shylocking, Stickup, Stickup job, Surcharge, Tax, Taxing, Tearing, Tribute, Ultimatum, Usury, Vampirism, Warning, Wrench, Wrenching, Wrest, Wresting, Wring, Wringing, Demanding money with menaces, Exaction, Extraction, Blackmail

How to use Extortion in a sentence?

  1. The Hobbs Act of 1946 prohibits extortion affecting interstate or foreign commerce.
  2. Typically extortion generally involves a threat made to the victim or their property, friends, or family members.
  3. Blackmail is a form of extortion, and ransomware is a growing form of it.
  4. He used bribery and extortion to build himself a huge, art-stuffed mansion.
  5. Groups of organized criminals may carry out large-scale extortion in multiple countries.
  6. Extortion is the wrongful use of actual or threatened force, intimidation, or even violence to gain money or property.

Meaning of Extortion & Extortion Definition