Extol Definition

Extol Definition

What does it mean to glorify in the Bible?

If you decorate something, praise it. The Bible says: I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and glorify the King of Heaven Nebuchadnezzar II was the king of the second Babylonian kingdom who sent the Jews into captivity. In some Bible translations, the word glorify is replaced by the word honor.

What does Extoll mean in this sense?

Extol is the preferred spelling of a verb meaning to praise or honor generously. When you decorate a person’s virtues, talk about that person in heroic terms. Extol comes from the Latin ex - which means to go out or to get up and tollers which means to go up.

Do you also know how to use Extol?

Derived word praise: This verb is the third person plural of praise. It is used when the person who is praising commits actions. Example: The father praises his daughters who dance at his lectures. Sublime: This verb is used in previous shows.

Likewise, one might ask what is the synonym for glorify?

praise (above all) Synonyms: praise, praise, applaud, magnify, glorify, celebrate, glorify, praise aloud.

What does exaltation mean in the Bible?

1: rise in rank, power or character. 2: increase by praise or appreciation: glorify. 3 passed: satisfied. 4: increase: increase. 5: Growing Activity: Intensifying the Awakening and Glorification of the Imagination - George Eliot.

Is Praise a Scrabble word?

ESTOLO is not a valid Scrabble word.

What does it mean to highlight the virtues?

Praise the virtues of (someone or something) To emphasize and praise the positive aspects of someone or something. My mother always welcomes the virtues of meditation, but she doesn’t do me any good. See also: glorify, of, virtue.

Which antonym is closest to the accessible word?

Feasible unprofitable antonyms. unreasonable. it is not suitable. useless. No. unthinkable. unlikely. Not practical.

What is the synonym for suppress?

Evening. Synonyms: suffocate, destroy, crush, diminish, suffocate, suffocate, keep quiet, keep silent, suffocate, suppress, suppress, calm down, suffocate, suffocate, suffocate, suppress. Antonyms: fetus, excite, excite, aggravate, touch, irritate, disturb, intensify, inflame.

What is the best synonym for impulse?

Synonyms and antonyms of impulse, push, encouragement, impulse, stimulus, encouragement, encouragement, encouragement,

What is the synonym for grimace?

Synonyms for frowning grimace. Frown. stupid smile. ridiculous. Face. Mouse. Mouth. Mouth effect.

How do you use feasible in a sentence?

Examples of possible phrases It is not possible to monitor so many organisms. We look for the most feasible scenario. Regular and consistent collection is not possible. We are always looking for workable solutions in new design areas.

How do you use impulses in a sentence?

Examples of impulse sentences What is certain is that Urbain preached the sermon in Clermont which inaugurated the Crusades. This discovery gave new impetus to exploration in southwestern Nevada, and it soon emerged that the district was not an isolated mining area, but the hub of a vast mining belt.

How do you use the hymn in a sentence?

Praise example sentences. Laud, sent by W.) from Jesus, the loving friend of the Father, God. Use the formula: Praised be the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

What are the words of warning?

Words related to admonition, prayer, encouragement, encouragement, encouragement, offering, counsel, counsel, encouragement, wisdom, sermon, speech, persuasion, intimidation, prayer, command.

What does it mean to glorify God?

To exalt means to honor or exalt something, but to rejoice is to rejoice. Raise your favorite propagator, Jesus, or your status in the world. It’s good that you have the last two tickets for your favorite band. Read more Raising means keeping or elevating someone to a high position or a high status.

What is exaltation in the Church?

Exaltation, or eternal life, is the belief of members of the Mormon Church that mankind can return to live in God’s presence and progress as a family. Exaltation should be what God wants for all mankind.

What does it mean to humble yourself?

Definition of the humble self. : Do or say something that shows that we know we were wrong, that we were too proud, etc. He must humble himself and ask for forgiveness.

What is the difference between joy and euphoria?

Exaltation means to stand up, appreciate or honor. Note that it has the same root as the height. The root means everything strong. To encourage is to be happy or openly happy.

Extol Definition