Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems (EIFS)

Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems (EIFS),

Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems (EIFS) Meanings:

Definition of Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems (EIFS): Multilayer exterior wall systems for high energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. Typically, an EIFS system consists of an insulation board attached to the outer wall surface with a specially formulated adhesive, insulation and a waterproof base layer on top of an overlay. EIFS was familiar with the insurance industry when it came to claims of moisture damage. This has resulted in liability claims against EIFS contractors and manufacturers. In addition, a large number of lawsuits were initially filed against the immovable property policy. Insurance companies sought to limit their exposure by excluding or denying risk insurance with significant risks (e.g. a home or EIFS contractor installing EIFS).

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