Definition of Extensions:

  1. The renewal proposal gives you the price you pay if you have taken a policy for a long time and have an alternative to buying another policy.

Meanings of Extensions

  1. A part that joins something and makes it longer or longer

  2. The part of the power cord that allows the equipment to be used remotely from a fixed electrical outlet.

  3. Secondary phone on line like primary phone.

  4. Move members from joint position to straight position.

  5. This refers to organized education in a college or university for people who are not full-time students.

  6. The scope of a term or concept to indicate or contain an object.

  7. Ability to take place.

Sentences of Extensions

  1. Southern Railway Extension

  2. The floods caused extensive damage and some expansion and additional equipment was badly needed.

  3. Can be heard in the room extension

  4. Conflicts with the sudden expansion of extreme extremism

  5. Graduate course

  6. According to Beardsley, another negative element of the definition is needed to ensure that the scope of the definition corresponds to ndum n, according to Beardsley.

Synonyms of Extensions

supplement , purview , adjunct , branch , dilatation , amplification , arm , annex , compass , production , development , adjunct, span , orbit , appendage, protraction , delay , appendix , addendum, expansion , prolongation