Extended Reporting Period (ERP)

Extended Reporting Period (ERP),

Definition of Extended Reporting Period (ERP):

  1. Meaning of Extended Reporting Period (ERP): A specific period after the expiry of the claim policy, during which claims can be made and coverage can be activated as if the claim was made during the insurance period.

  2. A simple definition of Extended Reporting Period (ERP) is: In most claims policies, the provisions that provide coverage under a claim expiration policy are the first claims made after the expiration of the policy. Complaints are usually limited in time. Additional awards may be required to extend the reporting period.

  3. Meaning of Extended Reporting Period (ERP): An additional period after the expiry of the policy period during which a valid claim is paid under the liability insurance.

Literal Meanings of Extended Reporting Period (ERP)


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Meanings of ERP:
  1. Business resource planning, managing all the information and resources needed for the company's operations through an integrated computer system.