Extended Coverage Insurance

Extended Coverage Insurance,

What is The Meaning of Extended Coverage Insurance?

  • It also protects insurers from material damage caused by storms, hail, smoke, explosions, riots, strikes, commotions, vehicles and airplanes, as well as various fire insurance and flat rate policies.

  • This is coverage offered to insured people in conjunction with fire insurance. This includes protection against damage or loss from storms, hail, smoke, explosions, riots, civil unrest, and car and plane crashes.

Literal Meanings of Extended Coverage Insurance


Meanings of Extended:
  1. Large rendering with zoom.

Sentences of Extended
  1. Extra kitchen and new balcony

Synonyms of Extended

expanded, wider, enlarged, inclusive, far-reaching, broad, comprehensive, widened


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which something is related or applies to something else.

Sentences of Coverage
  1. Grammar does not provide complete language coverage.


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. The process or arrangement under which a company or government agency guarantees some loss, injury, illness or death in return for premium payments.

  2. Anything that provides protection against possible emergencies.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. Meeting a high standard of personal conduct is the best protection against personal problems.

Synonyms of Insurance

immunity, precaution, indemnification, financial protection, safeguard, safety measure, indemnity, defence, preventive measure, shelter, cover, provision, surety, protection, security