Expound Meaning

Expound Meaning

What does explanation mean?

| To explain means to say, to explain, to say in detail (teachings, ideas, principles with wider application) to explain, to interpret (what is difficult or unclear) (MEP). The verb is not used with on, on or over. For example, our author explains his own analysis.

Similarly, people ask how to use expressions in a sentence?

Examples of explanations in one sentence The article describes the benefits of a healthy diet. Asked for explanations, he did not comment.

Second, is the explanation a word?

Explain. Verbs explain, describe, illustrate, interpret, explain, spell, present, illuminate, explain (formal) Schmidt continued to explain his theories on economics.

What is the synonym for explanation here?

Choosing the correct synonym to explain, explain, explain, clarify, interpret means doing something in a clear or understandable way. To explain means to make clear or understandable what is not immediately clear or fully known. Explaining the rules Explaining requires careful, often thorough, explanation.

What is the best synonym for extend?

Synonyms for to develop

  • Powerful.
  • expand.
  • to develop.
  • multiply.
  • multiply.
  • multiply.
  • Open minded.
  • Distribution.

What is the opposite of explaining?

Antonyms of (verb) to explain

What do you mean by explaining?

Explaining, explaining or providing details. Expound came into English from a 14th-century French word espondre, which means to develop or present. When you explain something, you often clarify or provide information.

How do you use gender in a sentence?

Example sentences

How do you use deletion in a sentence?

Delete the example sentences. It was sacked by Henry VIII, particularly uncomfortable with Becket’s memory, but the Reformers were unable to remove the saint’s name from the Roman calendar on which it still appears.

What does the biblical explanation mean?

Explain (verb) to open the meaning of explain to remove the ambiguity that should be interpreted to explain a scriptural text, law, word, meaning, or riddle.

How do you use the construction in a sentence?

Example sentences interpreted

How do you use pestilence in a sentence?

Examples of bullying phrases

How to use lively in a sentence?

Unpredictable Phrase Examples What is the synonym for explaining?

Choose the correct synonym for explanation

What is the synonym for Generic?

Synonyms for generic

What is the synonym for delimitation?

Synonyms. rule describe write construction log trace draw describe sign.

What is the synonym of why?

Synonyms for why | name

What does it mean to be flat?

Adjective. The definition of superficial is something on the surface or a person interested only in the obvious. An example of a shallow is an oil spill that doesn’t go very deep into the ocean; a superficial example is someone who only cares about how they look and what others are doing.

Do you want an explanation?

to explain something or to express your opinion in detail. This will be an opportunity to explain the ideas he developed. Explain / Next: he He went on to explain the shortcomings of our education system. Synonyms and related words.

How do you use the extension in a sentence?

Examples of expansion in one sentence

What is the synonym for increase?

Synonyms for extension

How are you developing?

Expanding a parenthesis means to multiply any term in the parentheses by the expression outside the parentheses. For example, in the expression, multiply both and 7 by 3, so:. Expanding parentheses involves using skills to simplify algebra.

What is a word for a large vocabulary?

Sesquipedia. Use the Sesquipedalian adjective to describe a very long and polysyllabic word. Sesquipedalian can also be used to describe something or someone who uses too large words, such as a philosophy teacher or a chemistry book.

What is a word for growing taller?

enlarge, expand, inflate, grow, pull, blossom, gain, enlarge, substantially inflate, strengthen, move, expand, stretch, assemble, build, burst, expand, sprout, strengthen, germinate, multiply, develop, flourish, accumulate, Ripe, ripe, blossom, indulge, grow, arise, sprout

Expound Meaning