Exposure Base

Exposure Base,

Exposure Base: What is the Meaning of Exposure Base?

A simple definition of Exposure Base is: Base rate used to determine premium. Risk pay (e.g., employee compensation or general dues), income, income, square footage, square feet or hours of work (for general dues), per unit (for example, in a car), or It can be measured accordingly. رقم 1000 (such as real estate insurance)

Meaning of Exposure Base: Base rate used to determine premium. Some exhibits can be measured by salary, revenue, sales, square feet, square feet, working hours, or per unit.

Literal Meanings of Exposure Base


Meanings of Exposure:
  1. The state of being related to something.

  2. Disclosure of identities or facts, especially those that are hidden or disliked.

  3. Exhibition of photographic film with light image or other radiation.

  4. The direction facing the building in view.

Sentences of Exposure
  1. Dangers of asbestos exposure

  2. A camera that immediately exposes. Provides an image later

  3. The exhibition is perfect: a slight slope to the southwest

Synonyms of Exposure

unveiling, unmasking, frontage, manifestation, laying open, exhibition, revelation, submission, vulnerability, disclosure, direction, showing, view, display, uncovering, subjection, outlook, aspect


Meanings of Base:
  1. Building on (something) is used as a starting point from which (something) can be created.

  2. Being at the center of the operation.

  3. The lower part or edge of an object, especially the part where it rests or walks.

  4. The ideological framework or entity on which something is affected or dependent.

  5. A place used by the armed forces or others as a center of operations.

  6. An important or important element or component in which other things were added.

  7. A substance capable of reacting with lansic acid to form salts and water or to absorb or neutralize (more widely) hydrogen ions.

  8. The center of the bipolar transistor that separates the emission from the collector.

  9. Roots or root words or their derivatives.

  10. Numbers used as the basis of a numerical scale.

  11. One of the four stations that must be reached one after the other to score points.

  12. Without disturbing the moral principles (of one's actions or feelings).

  13. The title or title of someone from the lower class.

  14. (Coins or other items) that are not made of precious metals.

Sentences of Base
  1. The film is based on a novel by Pat Conroy

  2. A group based in London

  3. He is sitting at the foot of a tree

  4. The city's economic base collapsed

  5. Cable back to base

  6. Soap based on vegetable oil

Synonyms of Base

deploy, root, medium, mean, establish, bad, garrison, stand, vehicle, install, support, sinful, carrier, low, station, pedestal, bottom, evil, foot, situate, sordid, bed, site, rest, starting point, wicked, headquarters, camp, substructure