Definition of Exposed:

  1. Not covered or hidden; visible.

  2. Open to danger of damage, harm, or loss.

Synonyms of Exposed

Aerial, Aeriform, Aery, Airish, Airlike, Airy, Alfresco, Answerable for, Apparent, Apt to, Atmospheric, Bald, Bare, Bared, Beholdable, Belied, Bleak, Blown, Breezy, Capable of, Clear, Cleared, Confounded, Confuted, Deflated, Denied, Denudated, Denuded, Dependent on, Detectable, Discarded, Discernible, Disclosed, Discredited, Dismissed, Disproved, Disputed, Divested, Ethereal, Evident, Exploded, Exposed to, Exposed to view, Free, Hanging out, Impugned, In danger of, In evidence, In full view, In plain sight, In view, Incident to, Insight, Invalidated, Laid bare, Liable, Liable to, Light, Likely, Likely to, Manifest, Naked, Naked to, Negated, Negatived, Nonimmune, Noticeable, Obliged to, Obnoxious, Observable, Open, Open as day, Open to, Open to all, Open to view, Open-air, Outcropping, Overt, Overthrown, Overturned, Peeled, Perceivable, Perceptible, Pneumatic, Prone, Prone to, Punctured, Raw, Ready for, Recognizable, Refuted, Rejected, Responsible for, Revealed, Roomy, Seeable, Sensitive, Showing, Shown up, Standing to, Stripped, Subject, Subject to, Susceptible, Susceptive to, Threatened, To be seen, Tropospheric, Unclassified, Unclogged, Unclosed, Unclouded, Unconcealed, Uncovered, Undisguised, Unhidden, Unobstructed, Unrestricted, Unstopped, Unveiled, Upset, Viewable, Visible, Visual, Wide-open, Windblown, Windswept, Within range of, Witnessable

How to use Exposed in a sentence?

  1. The venue featured beautiful hardwood floors and exposed brick walls.

Meaning of Exposed & Exposed Definition

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