Definition of Exports:

  1. Send (goods or services) to another country for sale.

  2. Products of local origin sold to other countries. See also export.

  3. A product or service sold abroad.

Synonyms of Exports

Sell abroad, Sell overseas, Market abroad, Market overseas, Send abroad, Send overseas, Trade internationally, Transport

How to use Exports in a sentence?

  1. My friend worked in the trade industry and taught me the difference between exports and imports, which blew my mind.
  2. If you are wanting to expand your business it may be time to start sending exports over seas to grow your base.
  3. Wool and mohair were the principal exports.
  4. Nearly all the bananas produced were exported to Britain.
  5. When you feel like the time is right you may want to start putting some of your product out as exports to other countries.

Meaning of Exports & Exports Definition