Definition of Export:

  1. A commodity, article, or service sold abroad.

  2. Send (goods or services) to another country for sale.

  3. To send goods or services across national borders for the purpose of selling and realizing foreign exchange. See also exports. To be contrasted with imports.

Synonyms of Export

Sell abroad, Sell overseas, Market abroad, Market overseas, Send abroad, Send overseas, Trade internationally, Transport, Air-express, Airfreight, Airmail, Assign, Carry over, Communicate, Communication, Conduction, Consign, Contagion, Convection, Deliver, Delivery, Deport, Deportation, Diapedesis, Diffuse, Diffusion, Dispatch, Disseminate, Dissemination, Drop a letter, Embark, Expedite, Expel, Exportation, Exporting, Express, Expulsion, Extradite, Extradition, Forward, Freight, Hand forward, Hand on, Hand over, Impart, Import, Importation, Interchange, Mail, Make over, Metastasis, Metastasize, Metathesis, Metathesize, Metempsychosis, Migration, Mutual transfer, Osmosis, Pass, Pass on, Pass over, Pass the buck, Passage, Passing over, Perfuse, Perfusion, Post, Relay, Remit, Send, Send abroad, Send away, Send forth, Send off, Ship, Spread, Spreading, Switch, Transduction, Transfer, Transfer of property, Transfer property, Transference, Transfuse, Transfusion, Transit, Transition, Translate, Translation, Translocate, Translocation, Transmigration, Transmigration of souls, Transmission, Transmit, Transmittal, Transmittance, Transplace, Transplacement, Transplant, Transplantation, Transposal, Transpose, Transposition, Travel, Turn over

How to use Export in a sentence?

  1. Wool and mohair were the principal exports.
  2. Countries are often limited in how much revenue they can generate based on what products and services they are able to successfully export .
  3. We exported $16 million worth of mussels to Japan.
  4. Since its infancy in the 1920s Hollywoods greatest export has been films that help the international community better understand Americans.
  5. If you can get a better offer from someone overseas it may be worthwhile to export your product if shipping costs arent to high.

Meaning of Export & Export Definition