• Definition of EXPLOSION: These terms are generally not an exception in insurance policies, with the exception of exceptions (see below). The widely accepted definition of a court is that a sudden and violent explosion and the explosion or expansion of a container by force or internal pressure indicates an explosion, in which substances emanate from the center and usually accompany it. Only one voice comes. Do not count as an explosion for the following insurance purposes: 1.) electric arc, 2.) water hammer, 3.) pipe brake or explosion, 4.) explosion sound and 5.) breakage Or a rotating part of a blast or a moving machine. Due to mechanical failure or centrifugal force.

  • A simple definition of EXPLOSION is: Violent expansion with violence and noise, usually due to the duration of rapid chemical changes, various property and accident insurance.

Meanings of EXPLOSION

  1. Violent explosions and the destruction or shattering of anything by a bomb.

Sentences of EXPLOSION

  1. A doctor found him on a platform near one of the local trains that had been destroyed by two bombs.

Synonyms of EXPLOSION

discharge, ignition, eruption, blowing up, detonation