Expiration notice

Expiration notice,

Definition of Expiration notice:

  1. Notice given to the insured of upcoming expiration of the insurance.

Meaning of Expiration notice & Expiration notice Definition

Expiration Notice,

How To Define Expiration Notice?

  1. Written notice to insurers that insurance coverage will expire soon.

  2. An expiration notice is a written statement sent to the policyholder informing him that his policy will expire soon. To ensure that policyholders are not surprised to forget that their insurance coverage will expire soon.

Literal Meanings of Expiration Notice


Meanings of Expiration:
  1. The end of the specified period during which the contract is valid.

  2. Exhale

Sentences of Expiration
  1. Expiry of the rental period

  2. At the end of the exhalation, there is still a little inflation in the lungs

Synonyms of Expiration

expiry, passing on, gulp of air, passing away, inhalation, inspiration, departure from life, eternal rest, death, demise, final exit, expiration, passing


Meanings of Notice:
  1. Observe or observe something.

  2. Notice or notice of something, specifically to allow preparation.

  3. A sheet or mark displayed with news or information.

  4. Caution.

Sentences of Notice
  1. Her silence did not escape my attention

  2. Interest rates are subject to change without notice

  3. The work was announced in a public notice in the common room

  4. Pay attention to young people who are suspicious

Synonyms of Notice

observation, poster, intimation, pamphlet, spot, perceive, bulletin, discern, note, consciousness, distinguish, become aware of, cognizance, take notice of, flyer, leaflet, sign, catch sight of, see, advertisement, information sheet, advance warning