Expert system

Expert system,

Definition of Expert system:

  1. Artificial intelligence based system that converts the knowledge of an expert in a specific subject into a software code. This code can be merged with other such codes (based on the knowledge of other experts) and used for answering questions (queries) submitted through a computer. Expert systems typically consist of three parts: (1) a knowledge base which contains the information acquired by interviewing experts, and logic rules that govern how that information is applied; (2) an Inference engine that interprets the submitted problem against the rules and logic of information stored in the knowledge base; and an (3) Interface that allows the user to express the problem in a human language such as English. Despite its earlier high hopes, expert systems technology has found application only in areas where information can be reduced to a set of computational rules, such as insurance underwriting or some aspects of securities trading. Also called rule based system.

  2. A piece of software programmed using artificial intelligence techniques. Such systems use databases of expert knowledge to offer advice or make decisions in such areas as medical diagnosis and trading on the stock exchange.

How to use Expert system in a sentence?

  1. Similarly, non-biological entities such as expert systems, computer viruses or artificial intelligence could conceivably be considered to be ‘alive’.

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