Definition of Experiment:

  1. A scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.

  2. Perform a scientific procedure, especially in a laboratory, to determine something.

  3. Research method for testing different assumptions (hypotheses) by trial and error under conditions constructed and controlled by the researcher. During the experiment, one or more conditions (called independent variables) are allowed to change in an organized manner and the effects of these changes on associated conditions (called dependent variables) is measured, recorded, validated, and analyzed for arriving at a conclusion.

Synonyms of Experiment

Test, Investigation, Trial, Inquiry, Demonstration, Analysis, Analyze, Approach, Assay, Attempt, Bid, Bring to test, Confirm, Crack, Cut and try, Effort, Endeavor, Enquiry, Essay, Examination, Examine, Experimentation, Fling, Gambit, Give a try, Give a tryout, Go, Have a go, Inquiry, Investigate, Investigation, Lick, Move, Offer, Play around with, Policy, Practice upon, Probe, Procedure, Proof, Prove, Put to trial, Research, Road-test, Run a sample, Sample, Scrutinize, Search, Shake down, Shot, Stab, Step, Stroke, Strong bid, Study, Substantiate, Taste, Tentative, Test, Trial, Trial and error, Trial run, Try, Try anything once, Try it on, Try out, Undertaking, Validate, Verify, Weigh, Whack, Conduct experiments, Carry out tests, Carry out trials, Conduct research

How to use Experiment in a sentence?

  1. Some times it is a good idea to experiment with new ideas to see if they can maybe kick up the profit margins.
  2. She experimented on chickens as well as mice.
  3. During his last experiment the scientist accidentally spilled some Liquid Nitrogen causing the test to be rendered void because he needed a predetermined amount.
  4. I have tested this by experiment.
  5. I do not want to go ahead with this plan, unless you tried it before. If you did not, we will have to do an experiment to find out the answer.

Meaning of Experiment & Experiment Definition