Experience Rating (loss Or Merit Rating)

Experience Rating (loss Or Merit Rating),

How To Define Experience Rating (loss Or Merit Rating)?

An assessment method in which rates are based on the insurer's own experience, not on industry statistics or rates in terms of subscription category. See also potential rating frustration.

Literal Meanings of Experience Rating (loss Or Merit Rating)


Meanings of Experience:
  1. Practical communication and observation of facts or events.

  2. Encounter or inconvenience (event or incident)

Sentences of Experience
  1. He learned his lesson from painful experiences

  2. The company is in trouble

Synonyms of Experience

involvement in, participation in, undergo, encounter, meet, have experience of, come into contact with, run into, come across, come up against, face, be faced with, confront, be forced to contend with


Meanings of Rating:
  1. Evaluation or evaluation based on the quality, quality or performance of a person or thing.

  2. Severe reprimand

Sentences of Rating
  1. The hotel has regained its five star rating

Synonyms of Rating

grade, classification, class, grading, ranking, rank, category, categorization, designation, position, standing, status, placing


Meanings of Loss:
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  1. Don't waste your time

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mislaying, misplacement, dropping, forgetting, overlooking


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  5. This

  6. A boolean operator that returns one or more of the operas (or inputs) and otherwise zero.

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  9. Oregon (in postal use)

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Synonyms of Or

or else, or, if not


Meanings of Merit:
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