Expense To Reduce Loss

Expense To Reduce Loss,

Expense To Reduce Loss:

  • A simple definition of Expense To Reduce Loss is: Insured expenses to minimize losses from business revenue. In the case of business income insurance, these expenses are covered only to the extent that the loss is minimized by additional or joint business income insurance and additional expenses. Expenses (if justified) are deducted for more than the loss though.

Literal Meanings of Expense To Reduce Loss


Meanings of Expense:
  1. It costs some money to spend on something.

  2. Compensation as a tax base (a cost item)

Sentences of Expense
  1. We order apparel for a high price

  2. During the year, up to 17,500 investments can be made

Synonyms of Expense

cost, price


Meanings of To:
  1. Identify the person or thing in question.

  2. You face trouble or distress (some in particular some summaries)

  3. It is used with the root form of the verb to indicate that the verb is ineffective.

  4. When the missing verb is clearly understood, it is used without the following verb.

Sentences of To
  1. He left his bicycle tied to the fence

  2. This is not what it was used for

  3. She tells him to come, but he says he doesn't want to

Synonyms of To

in the direction of, to, toward, so as to approach, so as to near, secure, secured, fastened, tight, firmly fixed


Meanings of Reduce:
  1. Decrease or decrease the number, type or size.

  2. Carrying someone or something (state, state or function inferior or weak)

  3. Converting to a substance (a different or more basic form)

  4. Chemically combining it with hydrogen.

  5. Return to your position by manipulation or surgery (displaced part).

  6. Siege and conquest (city or fortress)

Sentences of Reduce
  1. Businesses need to cut costs

  2. She is almost poor

  3. It is difficult to understand how the lava turned to dust

  4. Jose changed

  5. The fort was redesigned to take advantage of the modern firearms' defense capabilities and the fortifications around the fort were improved.

Synonyms of Reduce

lessen, make less, make smaller, lower, bring down, decrease, turn down, diminish, take the edge off, minimize, bring to, bring to the point of, force into, drive into


Meanings of Loss:
  1. The fact or action of losing someone else.

Sentences of Loss
  1. Don't waste your time

Synonyms of Loss

mislaying, misplacement, dropping, forgetting, overlooking