Definition of Expedite:

  1. To quicken the process; make faster. He asked the mail service for an expedited delivery service, as the package needed to arrive tomorrow..

  2. Make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.

Synonyms of Expedite

Speed up, Accelerate, Hurry, Hasten, Step up, Quicken, Precipitate, Rush, Accelerate, Advance, Advantage, Aid, Air-express, Airfreight, Airmail, Boost, Bundle, Bustle, Clear the way, Conduce to, Consign, Contribute to, Crowd, Dispatch, Drive on, Drop a letter, Ease, Embark, Enable, Encourage, Explain, Export, Express, Facilitate, Favor, Forward, Freight, Further, Grease, Grease the ways, Grease the wheels, Haste, Hasten, Hasten on, Help along, Hie on, Hurry, Hurry along, Hurry on, Hurry up, Hustle, Hustle up, Lend wings to, Loose, Lubricate, Mail, Make clear, Make for, Make way for, Oil, Open the way, Open up, Pave the way, Post, Precipitate, Prepare the way, Press, Promote, Push, Push forward, Push on, Push through, Put forward, Quicken, Railroad through, Remit, Remove friction, Run interference for, Rush, Rush along, Send, Send away, Send forth, Send off, Set forward, Ship, Simplify, Smooth, Smooth the way, Soap the ways, Speed, Speed along, Speed up, Spur, Stampede, Step up, Transmit, Unbar, Unblock, Unclog, Unjam, Urge, Whip, Whip along

How to use Expedite in a sentence?

  1. He promised to expedite economic reforms.

Meaning of Expedite & Expedite Definition